Mar 18c

This morning we travelled to a Scout camp. It was a long route of getting lost and holiday traffic. We had a fabulous tour guide. We renewed our promise at the monument. We looked at the tribute to Baden Powell with his footprint.


Mar 18 b

We went to visit a local Scouting camp. The expected 30 min taxi drive took an hour and a half. Combined holiday traffic and getting lost in backroad town "streets". We had lovely views of countryside and subsistence town existence as well as wealthy homes. We also visited a small town and toured a local... Continue Reading →

Mar 18

We have had a busy 2 days. I will post when I have time and internet. Today we are going to a small town to do some cultural sites, climb to a pyramid, some will do craft market and sit at a hotel. Today some friends start the travel home.

March 17a

Today started wishing my middle daughter a happy birthday! Home is 2 hours behind Mexico. They switch to daylight hours in April. I did some laundry at night and it was dry when I woke up! We enjoyed morning colours (flag). Breakfast was tortilla with beans or fruit and yogurt. I am enjoying the fresh... Continue Reading →

Mar 16c

We had our long bus ride back to CabaƱa. The countryside is so dry that the burst of green tree leaves and cactus are almost a surprise. We stopped at a public washrooms. Vendors were selling food that had been there a questionable amount of time. An armed police watched traffic. It is sobering to... Continue Reading →

Mar 16a

Today started with a swim in the ocean. It is quiet and in the shade at that hour. The pull of the tide even close to shore is something to always to consider. "Boppin along with the tide" came to mind and I cannot get that song out of my head!!! I changed for breakfast.... Continue Reading →


The turtle camp is operated privately on donations. It is supported by the government of Mexico. Of the 7 types of sea turtles in the world, 2 lay eggs on this beach 40 minuets from Alcapolco. Every night they patrol 20 miles of beach. They look for recently laid spots. Eggs are removed and taken... Continue Reading →

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